Beit Aharon Congregation

The Center for the Jewish Community of Ridgewood and Bushwick

Beit Aharon is a place where the Jews of Ridgewood and Brooklyn can come together, connect, practice, learn, celebrate, support, and benefit from sharing our heritage as hundreds of generations have done before us.  There are many of us here.  Let's gather together and be a cohesive community!

COVID-19 Update

Regarding COVID-19, New York City has been the safest place in the U.S. for the last six months.  There are some places in the city that are under special restrictions; however, Ridgewood, where Beit Aharon is located, is in the Green, COVID-safe, zone.  The are no restrictions.  However, we require everyone to wear masks at Beit Aharon, in order to maintain an environment where everyone feels safe.


Pesach this year starts the evening of Saturday, March 27.  We will be having seders at Beit Aharon on both Saturday evening and Sunday evening.  In addition, Pesach supplies are available for pickup at a local business (Optical Warehouse Outlet).  Pleaase don't delay.  F
or details, please see News & Current Events.


Outside of the holidays, our regular Shabbat services are on.  Wearing masks are required.  

Weekday Minchah

We are back to doing our weekday Minchah minyanim in person.  They are Monday through Thursday at 2 PM.  Wearing masks are required.  Please check in with Rabbi Sarytchev (718-613-9536) beforehand, so he can know (and can let you know) whether there will be enough people for a minyan.

Weekly Torah Classes

Our Wednesday evening Torah classes are back on.  They are now on Zoom.  You don't even need to use a computer or smart phone to join.  For details, please go to the Classes page.

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