Somewhat Nearby Mikvaot

Mikvah of Kew Gardens
Corner Of Beverly & Audley
Kew Gardens, NY
Rabbi Treiger, Community Rabbonim
(718) 849-0065
(718) 849-4140 Yocheved Bryks
No Website Listed
Affiliation: Community
Yocheved Bryks
One mikvah, available for men in the AM.
Open Shabbas and Yom Tov only, by appointment.

Kehilas Yaakov
115 Rutledge St.
Brooklyn, NY
No Rabbi Listed
No Website Listed
Affiliation: Kehilas Yaakov (Pupa)
Women only
Open Daily; No Appointment Necessary

Mikvah Tahara of Cong. Yetev Lev Satmar
212 East Williamsburg Street (Between Lee & Marcy Aves.)
Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Israel Chaim Menashe Friedman
(718) 387-9388
(347) 392-7965 Mr. Katz
(917) 613-0005 Mr. Katz
No Website Listed
Affiliation: Congregation Yetev Lev D' Satmar
Mr. Katz
Women only.
Open daily.
Handicap accessible. 72 prep rooms, 6 mikvaos.

Crown Heights Mikvah
1506 Union Street (Between Kingston & Albany Aves.)
Brooklyn, NY
Crown Heights Rabbonim
(718) 604 8787
(718) 493-0852 Mrs. Levertov
(718) 774-6398 Mrs. Geldstein
No Website Listed
Affiliation: Crown Heights Community
Mrs. Bracha Levertov & Mrs. Geldstein
Women only.
Open daily.