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The Center for the Jewish Community of Ridgewood and Bushwick

Beit Aharon is a place where the Jews of Ridgewood and Brooklyn can come together, connect, practice, learn, celebrate, support, and benefit from sharing our heritage as hundreds of generations have done before us.  There are many of us here.  Let's gather together and be a cohesive community!

Shelter in Place, Update

Things will be slowly starting back up, with social distancing precautions.Beit Aharon Because of social distancing and sheltering in place all activities at Beit Aharon are suspended for the time being.  There will be no services or classes at the shul until further notice.  However, if you have any needs or questions, please follow the Contact link.


We will be having a Shavuot celebration on Friday, May 29, at 5:30 PM.  The celebration will be outside, by the Shul.  This will allow people to socially distance.


Our Shul reopening also regular Saturday services from coming Shabbat  at 11 AM with Minyan will be INSIDE. 

But because of small size of the Shul and no ability to provide social distance 6ft in space the following rules will be enforced:

Weekly Torah Classes

Our Wednesday evening Torah classes are supsended until further notice due the the COVID-19 shelter in place..  Click here for details.

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