NCE Archive 55

Shelter in Place

Because of social distancing and sheltering in place all activities at Beit Aharon are suspended for the time being.  There will be no services or classes at the shul until further notice.  However, if you have any needs or questions, please follow the Contact link.


Chag Sameach!  Pesach (Passover) starts the evening of April 8.  This year, because of sheltering in place, we will not be congregating or attending other people's seders.  For a very brief overview on conducting your own seder, please follow this link: How to Conduct a Passover Seder.  For selling your chametz before Pesach, please, as soon as possible, follow this link: Mechirat Chametz.  The selling of chametz online form must be completed before 8:00 PM EDT on Tuesday, April 7.

Weekly Torah Classes

Our Wednesday evening Torah classes are supsended until further notice due the the COVID-19 shelter in place..  Click here for details.