NCE Archive 67

Shelter in Place Update

Things are starting back up carefully at Beit Aharon.  The shul is small, however.  It is not possible for people to continuously maintain 6-foot social distancing.  Therefore we have to apply special precautions (see next section).

COVID-19 Precautions

The following precautions will be in place for people coming inside to Beit Aharon:

We invite only those who (1) previously were sick with COVID-19, (2) had its symptoms or tested positive for antibodies (so they are immune and out of any risk), and (3) currently not sick.

  - Those who recently been sick, please stay home.

  - Those who haven't been sick or haven't had symptoms of COVID-19 and are worried about becoming sick are strongly recommended to get a SARS-CoV2 antibody test ASAP, because majority of the population in Ridgewood/Bushwick have been infected, even they didn't notice any symptoms.  (Those who participated in our last Purim celebration by should by default assume they have been exposed to, and likely infected with, the virus.)  The presence of antibodies would mean you are likely immune and would be able to join our Shabbat service safely. 
If you have any needs or questions, please follow the Contact link.


Shavuot is coming, Chag Habikurim, Zeman Matan Torateinu.  Chag Sameach!
Shavuot celebration on coming FRIDAY at 5:30 PM which will be OUTSIDE for  EVERYBODY  with social distancing.

Shabbat (including Day 2 of Shavuot)

Our Shul reopening also regular Saturday services from coming Shabbat  at 11 AM with Minyan will be INSIDE. 
But because of small size of the Shul and no ability to provide social distance 6ft in space the following rules will be enforced:

Weekly Torah Classes

Our Wednesday evening Torah classes are supsended until further notice due the the COVID-19 shelter in place..  Click here for details.